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Safe Haven Gutters

General Requirements:

Job purpose

As a laborer, you will be required to help provide assistance to the other men in the crew – helping them with whatever task you are asked to help take care of. You will also begin learning all other duties of workers.

Duties and responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Helps remove all existing materials when arrives to the job.
  • Finds power for all electrical tools as needed.
  • Helps with all other daily tasks as needed.
  • Main focus is to help apprentices, journeyman, and foreman keep work area clean and well maintained during all work hours. Keeps work area cleaned and picked up until job is complete.
  • Performs proper teamwork and working well with others.
  • Begins learning other tasks.
  • Helps keep trailers and trucks clean.

As a laborer, your main focus is answering to the other workers at the job site. You will be required to complete the tasks that are given to you. You will also be required to keep the job site well maintained and cleaned as well as cleaning up the job site after the project is complete. You will also be required to help maintain the trailers and trucks daily.

Qualification Requirements

The employee must be able to follow all responsibilities listed above to help do their part at a job site. Must have a valid driver’s license.


Less than a high education is accepted. Recommended is 1+ years of experience.

Language Ability

Able to read and understand all written and verbal instructions.


Able to add and subtract simple numbers and to understand fractions. Understand MM, CM, Inches, and Feet.

Working conditions

There will be days when an employee will be required to work in rain, snow, and windy days. Some days will be hot and sunny and cold and frigid. Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions and wear proper footwear.

Physical requirements

While performing the duties of this job, each employee will be regularly required to stand, walk and use hands and arms to touch, feel, and carry. The employee is also regularly required to kneel, sit, climb, and balance. They employee is regularly required to lift 10 pounds to 100 pounds and lift over 100 pounds with help. Vison requirements; all employees will have to have close vison, distance vison, peripheral vison, and depth perception.

Direct report

You will be required to report to apprentices, journeyman and the foreman daily for all daily tasks.